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The Blank Wall

Imagine walking into a doctor’s office, sitting down to wait your turn, and staring at a blank wall. There’s no emotion. No calming presence. Just a wall. 

Or when you walk into your home after a day at work … or when guests come over for a party. What will they see hanging above the mantle? What feelings will your art invoke? 

Your choice in finding the perfect photograph matters.

Fine Art Is Therapy.

Don’t just look at art as a dollar sign. It is proven that viewing fine art daily can improve the mind and soul. Browse through my galleries and find the perfect photo art that’s needed for your home or office space.

Quinn Kirkland
Nature Photographer

I have a passion for finding intimate landscapes in nature, capturing them and sharing them as wall art  for  others to enjoy.


Quinn does beautiful photography. When we saw the photo of Como Peaks, we knew we had to have it. Como is “our” mountain. We had the photo printed on canvas, so it looks like a painting. It adds to the lodge feel we want in our home.

Jeff and Jackie H.

Darby, MT

My latest photographs.

I have a passion for finding intimate landscapes in nature, capturing them and sharing them as wall art for others to enjoy.

Iron Bog

Sand Dunes

Glacier Fern

Aspen Glow

Mill Creek Lightning


Professional Services

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Fine Art Prints

Select your favorite print to decorate your home or office and I'll ship it directly to you.

On Display

For large prints ordered, I will provide hanging services in the local area.

Training Classes

Learn how to take and edit your shots with your DSLR camera and Adobe Lightroom.


We have purchased several of Quinn’s photos, and we love the look it has brought to our home. We chose to have the images on metal, and the colors look amazing.  We are very pleased with the service and quality we have received from Quinn.

Lisa and Cameron C.

Hamilton, MT

Common Questions

Decide what size you would like on the site, select it and checkout.  Provide your address. I will contact you and let you know shipping details.  Normally it takes 2-3weeks to receive the print. Plan for 4 weeks during December.

Contact me and I will make it work.

Yes always (in USA only)

Good question.  Metal Prints are one of the newest art mediums. The process will preserve your photos for generations by sublimating (infusing) dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Once the magic is done, you’re left with results that are truly vibrant and luminescent with unsurpassed detail and resolution. It’s truly breathtaking.

Yes. Each piece comes with a hanging aluminum bracket that attaches to the wall. You will need a small level, measuring tape and a screwdriver. Once fastened to the wall your art will be secure.

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